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Join KD Theatre Productions at The Dean’s Garden, against Ely’s most iconic landmark, Ely Cathedral for this year’s open-air theatre musical ‘Honk!’

Honk! tells the tale of ‘Ugly’, a young duckling who looks different to his brothers and sisters! Made fun of by the other farmyard animals, Ugly is lured away by the devious Cat who hopes to enjoy Ugly as a lunchtime snack! Just as Ugly clocks on to what’s happening, he tries to run but can’t find his way back to the farmyard! On his search for home, he encounters some larger-than-life characters who teach him different lessons which begin to help Ugly realise it’s what’s on the inside that matters!

With clever, inspiring songs and a whole lot of heart, this charming reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen's “The Ugly Duckling” will quack you up and bring a smile to your beak!

20th – 25th July 2021

in The Dean’s Garden, Ely Cathedral.

Tickets available:

or Tel: 01353 725 026

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