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Playing a unique role in providing our members with the chance to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities, Ely City WI took to Jubilee Gardens to create a crocheted display to raise awareness on the issue of Modern Slavery.

Modern slavery is something that can take on a number of forms and it is thought that there are tens of thousands of victims hiding in plain sight in the UK. The true extent of it is unknown and the WI campaign calls for better support for survivors, as well as more effective action to eradicate the problem.

Members of Ely City are passionate about making a difference and this is just one of the many campaigns we are involved in. Anti-Slavery week runs between 17th and 23rd October with 18th October marking Anti-Slavery Day.

If you too would like to get involved with Ely City WI then we would love to meet you. Anything from raising awareness, meeting new people or just doing something different then you are more than welcome as a visitor to one or two of our meetings to see what we’re all about.

Our next meet is on Monday 10th October 7.15pm at The Old Dispensary, St Mary’s Street, Ely, CB7 4ER. Entitled “Ghostly Ely” our guest speaker will be Norah Gardner.

If you are interested in coming along you can join us in October for a six month membership with fees being only £20.

You can visit our website: or find us on Facebook (just search Ely City WI). You can also email us at

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