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The Romans Are Coming!

Margins of Empire at Ely Museum

In early 2022, with exciting local Roman objects on loan from The British Museum, explore the ‘Margins of Empire’ at Ely Museum with a special temporary exhibition opening in January. Britain was on the far edge of the Roman empire. It was so far that some Romans thought that Britain was a myth. Early written sources mentioning Britain do so as a distant and barbarian place! The people who lived here were both British and Roman, the majority living in the empire without being citizens. We are delighted to have some amazing, locally found, Roman objects on display in the exhibition too, including the amazing Witcham helmet, and the beautifully decorated Prickwillow skillet from the British Museum – a rare opportunity to see them back in the fens! Ely Museum is particularly delighted to be partnering with the British Museum again on this exhibition, following the successes of the ‘Aedwen’s Brooch: The Mystery of Sutton’s Silver’ exhibition in 2015 and the ‘Egyptian Cat in Ely’ exhibition in 2010 which also featured fantastic objects from their collection.

Over the coming months, the museum will be hosting a variety of school visits, activities and family events, inspired by this brilliant new exhibition – keep an eye on our website & social media pages for more information. You can join us for our first event, ‘The Romans Are Coming!’, a living history day this February, to meet the Roman reenactors & find out more about their lives too. Find out more about the event, which offers fun for the whole family at

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