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East Anglian Air Ambulance News

The news from EAAA is that the new base within the airport at Cambridge, home to Anglia Two, is operational and now allows for considerably more ‘operational time’ daily. Great news.

Congratulations go to Captain Gareth Allen who reached not one but two flying milestones recently. Gareth completed his 4000th hour in rotary aircraft and 100 hours on the brilliant Airbus H145 helicopter.

The H145 provides EAAA with hugely improved load carrying capacity compared with its predecessors both in terms of people and life-saving equipment – it can take more of what saves lives to where it is needed during that vital ‘golden hour’.

With under-boom rear clam-shell doors, it can take stretchered patients straight in, rather than have to manipulate them around corners – better for the doctors, paramedics and for the patients themselves.

On Wednesday 30th June the service hit a landmark moment as the Air Ambulance provision of emergency critical care in the region started 24/7. The gap between 1:30 am and 7am where there has been no helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) coverage in the region has now been closed, as EAAA becomes the first air ambulance in the East of England to fly 24 hours a day.

EAAA now flying 24/7
Photo: Chris Taylor

By becoming a 24/7 service by air and by car, they estimate around 600 more taskings a year, helping hundreds more patients in their hour of need. Last year, the EAAA crews were tasked more than 500 times at night, demonstrating the demand that exists overnight.

During the much-extended Corona Virus lockdown much has changed where EAAA is concerned, this includes financial support opportunities because fewer people have visited stores and put money into the red collection boxes. Where these boxes have stayed in place – EAAA would like to say a big thank you to all who have used them.

Over lockdown, the charity has had to dip into its reserves so it will be looking to restore fundraising and, hopefully replenish the coffers.

Please do support the work of EAAA when you can. The Charity runs a regular Lottery and fundraising events throughout the year. For help and advice about these important ways of helping, please go to:

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