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Too Good to Go! in Ely area

Food waste is a massive global issue that contributes heavily to climate change. Globally, we waste 3.5 million tonnes of food every single day and that food doesn’t just disintegrate naturally into the earth. It pumps out harmful gas as it decomposes in landfill, causing our planet to heat up like a greenhouse.

Since launching the Re-imagine Community Larder we have rescued the equivalent of 35,000 meals & we are proud of what we have achieved but there is more work to do. Our focus always remains to primarily support those who don’t have enough healthy, fresh and nutritious food to eat.

We are so pleased to be launching a new project with TooGoodToGo to bring you Magic Freegan Boxes, a weekly act of protest against food waste that everyone can participate in; ready-made boxes of groceries we intercept.

A family of four can save 10kg of food from being wasted for £10. That’s 520kg of food a year! You order & pay via the app, then collect your food or will be delivered locally. The short dates means you may need to eat it, cook it or freeze it. They will contain fruit & vegetables, bakery & groceries. The food is discounted because it’s past or close to the ‘best before’ date, although still fine to eat.

Get the TooGoodToGo App today so we can eradicate the stigma attached to food poverty & food waste.Being a waste warrior in our community just got a whole lot easier folks.

See FB page for details.

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